In the world of web development there are many tools and services available for free. This is something I love about web development. All the tools and info you need is a Google (or DuckDuckGo) search away.

Free Stock and Placeholder Images


Pexels - placeholder images

jQuery Plugins

Cycle2 - jquery slider plug in that's really simple to use and easy to customize

FancyBox - a simple jQuery lightbox

Tooling/DevOps Stuff

Github - code repository/versioning and hosting with Github Pages. I store code snippets as gists too

Netlify - hosting

Gulp - build tool

NPM - package manager

Beyond Compare - compare files to update content

Visual Studio Code - code editor


MDN - documentation for HTML, CSS, Javascript

Can I Use - referece for browser compatibility


A11y Project

Design Tools

FontAwesome - font icons

Hero Patterns - svg backgrounds library

Hex to RGB converter - will convert a color hex value to rgb and vice-versa. Very simple and minimal interface.

Krakin or tinyPNG - compress images


CSS Tricks

A List Apart


Codepen - inspiration, code examples, practice, experimentation and fun

Chrome Extensions

HTML5 Outliner- generates a navigable page outline with heading and sectioning elements

Grid Ruler - inserts rulers and can use guides in the browser like you would in photoshop

LastPass - password manager

Siteimprove - check accessibility in the browser

Eye Dropper - grab colors from the browser

VS Code Extensions

Beautify and/or Prettier - clean up your code

Bracket Pair Colorizer - helps my old eyes see which brackets go together

Live Server - launch a developmemt local server with live reload. Great for static pages.

vscode-icons - helps me identify file types in my source tree easier

jshint - helps detect errors in javascript

GitLens - helps visualize code authorship and more


Syntax - Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski talk web development

Shop Talk Show - Chris Coyer and Dave Rupert talk web dev stuff

CodeNewbie - interviews and tips for developers, especailly new ones

Free Code Camp Podcast - interviews and tips for developers, especailly new ones

Codepen Radio - news about Codepen but sometimes have interesting interviews with developers that use the site and/or develop the site.

Full Stack Radio - news, interviews and talk about web technologies

Web Platform Podcast - news, interviews and talk about web technologies

Toolsday - about web tooling and technology


Traversy Media - tutorials

Free Code Camp - tutorials and web dev info

Kevin Powell - tutorials

LevelUp Tuts - tutorials

Layout Land - about web layout and css grid with Jen Simmons

Coding Tech - videos from talks and conferences related to web development


Wes Bos

LevelUp Tutorials