Another year has passed by. Since last year, our department has moved into a new building and I'm getting used to living in a smaller city. I've still struggled with my confidence but I've been taking steps to work on that. I've given a lot of focus to getting better at JavaScript. In fact we're making the transition to using the ES6 syntax and moving away from jQuery. I like that becuase I can more-or-less just focus on raw JavaScript.

What have I learned this year?

  • I still have a lot to learn but I always will have a lot to learn because web development is always evolving.
  • I'm better at JavaScript than I was last year. I'm more confident and I'm more willing to take on issues and soving problems with JS.
  • I can do about anything in CSS and I feel more comfortable with more complex stuff like animations, using pseudo selectors, calc functions, transforms, etc,...
  • Accessibility is getting easier. I still get confused and have to ask questions but I certainly understand more.
  • I write down my daily accomplishments. This has helped me see the things I do on a daily basis that I succeed at. It has helped me see that I make progress every day and will eventually solve any issues I'm having. It's a confidence booster.
  • Along with writing JavaScript, I'm getting better at debugging it.
  • A lot of the same things from last year apply. My First Year As A Web Developer

Now that another year has passed, what do I hope to accomplish in the next year?

  • More site construction projects. I didn't do much on that front except help with projects. However, I built a lot of landing pages this year.
  • I want to continue to develop my skills with JavaScript. I want to get better with APIs, higher order functions. On a personal level I want to learn more about server side JS (Node.js) too. The main thing is to keep building stuff. I signed up to a daily newsletter from this site Go Make Things. The newsletter essentially sends the daily tip to my inbox. It's given me ideas and has helped me in my learning.
  • Still work on my confidence and not get so frustrated when I don't solve problems as quickly as I'd like to.
  • Ask more questions and speak up more in meetings.
  • Learn more because I'm never going to know everything.
  • Use my standing desk more.