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Not Motivated to Code


I'm not feeling motivated to code. I like to work on small personal projects outside of work but sometimes I'm just not feeling up to it. I…

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Recording Accomplishments


This year is flying by. I've been busy at my job. I'm almost at my two year mark at LRS. So far so good. Yet, I get down on myself still. I…

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Motivation and Burning Out


I don't feel like working on personal projects or do any coding outside of work. I do this stuff all day at my full-time job. Right now I…

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I'm An Imposter


I'm not a developer. I have told myself this a million times. I think if you read the My Dev Journey post, that could give some guidance to…

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My Developer Journey


Sometimes I feel like I should be much further along in my career. I am 40 years old but I'm at an entry level. I think that would tell you…

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