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Making Tables Responsive


Tables have always been a pain point when it comes to responsive design. They will display nicely (sometimes) on desktop but they become a…

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NodeList vs. Array


When you start to use JavaScript you will deal with arrays quite frequently. You'll also use nodeLists quite freqently too. In a way they…

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Using Fetch vs XHR


I have no idea how to work databases. I'm highly intimidated by them. I have been using JSON for data in personal projects but I certainly…

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Using Cookies in JavaScript


Let me preface this with I don't know a whole lot about browser cookies. I've only added cookies to JavaScript a couple times. However, I've…

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My Troubles With JavaScript


JavaScript is very hard for me. I struggle with it. That is not to say I never use it. I do. I use it quite frequently. Honestly, I use…

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