Like last year, I'm going to set some goals for the year. Five total. Here we go.

  1. I want to explore and learn more of Svelte.js and maybe some other framework stuff. The plan is to do more tutorials and then come up with a new project or go back to my Whale Sightings project and implement what I learned.

  2. I would like to possibly transfer my St. Louis photos project into an Express/Node project. Basically do the photo galleries server-side.

  3. In VSCode I want to use more shortcuts and code snippets to speed up productivity. I use a handful of keyboard shortcuts but I think I can make use of more and speed my development process up a little.

  4. Level up my Javascript skills. This seems like more of an ongoing goal and that is true. I'm not sure what I want to learn specifically yet but I want the majority of what I do this year to revolve around JavaScript. I want the easier, common stuff to come easier. I want to do things are are more challenging too. I just want to level up.

  5. Play more with transitions and animations for UI. I think last year I wanted to put some focus on this and I did but I feel like I need to push further with this

Bonus (smaller things): Try out Tailwind CSS, set up a custom domain for the blog. These would just be used on a smaller scale and would probably just be one off projects. However, they are a couple things I would like to get on or done.

I think that is it for now. I want to mention because of Covid-19 and other things happening now, like civil unrest, I am going to be more forgiving for slower progress or if I don't complete these items. The main thing is to be more kind to myself and take more breaks for my mental health. I don't know what the future holds and things seem more uncertain today than at this time last year. So right now it's just go one day at a time and hope for the best.