Like last year, I'm going to set some goals for the year. Five total. Here we go.

  1. I want to use more animation. I would like to dive more into CSS animations. One thing I'd like to do is remove the Animate.css from my website and just code my own animations. That's one less third party and http request. Overall, I want to add a little more small, snazzy details to make UIs more interesting.

  2. I want to continue focusing on JavaScript. Specifically ES6. I've made a lot of progress last year with jQuery/JavaSript and I would like to keep up the momentum. It would be nice to replace some of the other third party stuff on my website with my own code. In 2019 I started using Gatsby for this blog. I would like to continue gaining understanding of what makes it work, customize my blog more from a visual and fucntionality standpoint.

  3. In VSCode I want to use more shortcuts and code snippets to speed up productivity. I use a handful of keyboard shortcuts but I think I can make use of more and speed my development process up a little.

  4. I didn't do so well with this one last year but create something using a programming language I don't know. Most likely it will be something server side. Another option would be to get into Node.js.

  5. Give my blog a new name and a "real" domain name.

I'll check in midway through 2020!