I'm going to hold myself accountable and make some goals. I'm not going to just think of goals but to write them down and put them out there to be judged by the one person reading this.

  1. This isn't just a development goal but a general one, but I think it's a good one. I need to be more patient and kinder to myself. I'm too hard on myself.

  2. I'm going to continue to work on JavaScript. This is going to happen if I'm working since, I use it at my job. I'm certainly not going to shy from it. I use jQuery at work but on my own personal projects I'm using just plain vanilla JavaScript. This is going to be an ongoing project. On top of that, I want to continue to play with Gatsby and understand React more. I want to finish my test site which is a website for my cat. It's not a serious site at all but just a way to learn Gatsby. After that, I'd like to create a test site using Vue. I'm not sure how much frameworks are going to help me, but I think if I understand frameworks, in turn, I'll learn more JavaScript.

  3. Be more consistent with my personal projects. I tend to work in chunks. I may go a month or so neglecting projects. It's not that I'm neglecting being a developer because I work as one for at least 40 hours a week and do a lot of different projects and solving problems. I'd just like to average a few hours a week for working on personal projects and/or tutorials. I don't have to work on those projects daily. I just feel like when I don't work on something for a month or two and then come back, I feel like I lose momentum and forget what I was working on or forget how to do something. So, I spend too much time going over things I already did or redoing things I don't need to.

  4. Get rid of my old website that is at rebeccaeilering.com. I want to keep the domain but redirect it to my new site. I just don't want to use WordPress and keep the hosting account that I've had since 2004 when it was on Yahoo. I can't even remember the company that has it now, but it's just outdated, and I don't like it. I don't even know why I chose Yahoo other than at that time I had an email account with them and I didn't know better.

  5. Do one project in a new language. I'm thinking C# (I build templates on the .Net framework at work) or something like Python because I don't do much "programming" and I hear it's a good language to learn first. Plus, it's popular.